2 Necessities to Maintain Balance

Balance Is Not a Static Condition

I suppose, once upon a time, I thought that having balance in your life was close to perfection. Those who achieved it were those who had organization down to a science and lived it day in and day out.

In my own life, I have come to realize that balancing real life responsibilities is a daily juggling challenge. Have you ever seen someone walk across a tight rope? They don’t get the balance just right and then run across the rope. They constantly shift their weight back and forth to keep their balance. Juggling the demands in my own life is exactly the same. Being super mom requires constant adjustments.

First, to balance my life and priorities, I must be right with God.

I must start my day with God. Begin talking to Him before you get out of bed every single morning. Spend time in His Word before leaving the house.

Second, I must be right at home.

Not only does this involve the obvious of being right in my relationships at home, but it also involves being right in my responsibilities at home. If my home is not in order, it will follow me throughout the day and be like a cloud hanging over my head. I am much more productive and focused in the office when everything is right at home. When life is “un-done” at home, my mind is not fully engaged in the office and I don’t want to be there.

What has always helped me with this is to go to bed with an orderly house. Do you know what happens if you go to bed with dishes in the sink or a cluttered house? You wake up behind before your day even begins! If you work outside the home, this could be a life-changing help in your life. Be proactive in your home orderliness, not reactive.

So, when I am right with God and right at home, then I am right with others in my life. For me the “others” includes my ministry and my job.

Have you ever been frustrated and overwhelmed with so much to do? This hit me like a wall at one point in my life. I sat back and asked myself, what is it that I am doing that I don’t like to do? Honestly, I loved it all! I was just out of balance.

First things first—put your right foot forward by spending time with the Lord each day, staying right with Him, keeping right at home, and then you can be right in the office.

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