3 Tasks for the Local Church

A look at God’s model for the Church

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Acts 11:19-26; 2 Samuel 15:15

Title: Three Tasks for the Local Church

Introduction: The church is an ecclesia, a called out assembly. The word ecclesia has the idea of a local, visible, called out, organized assembly of people.

The church is the possession of God!

By this, I mean that God is the owner of the church!

Here are three basic principles concerning God’s church:

I. The Church Expanding—vs. 19-21

A. The church expanded because of an inward passion—v. 20a

B. The church expanded because of inspirational preaching—v. 20b

C. The church expanded because of an invisible power—v. 21

II. The Church Enlisting—vs. 22–26

A. The enlistment of a pastor—vs. 22–23

1. The selection of the man—v. 22b

2. The spirituality of the man—v. 24a

3. The sensitivity of the man—v. 23a

4. The speech of the man—v. 23b

B. The enlistment of a partner—vs. 25–26

1. A man who was cultivated—9:19–22

2. A man who was certified—9:26–27

3. A man who was complimentary—9:28–29

4. A man who was a co-laborer—11:26

III. The Church Exemplifying—vs. 26–29

A. The church was exemplary in its receiving—v. 26b

B. The church was exemplary in its reputation—v. 26c

C. The church was exemplary in its responsiveness—v. 29

Conclusion: Acts 11:9–26 gives us the model of a church that God blesses!

A church that is expanding!

A church that is enlisting!

A church that is exemplifying!

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