Fighting for the Next Generation

What World Will Your Children Live In?

Sermon Outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Title: Fighting for the Next Generation

Text: Nehemiah 4:10–15

Introduction: Do you ever wonder about the kind of country your children or grandchildren will live in? Nehemiah knew the people of Jerusalem were building more than a wall. They were building a destiny for the future generation.

I. Fight Our Own Spiritual Battles

A.    Fight With A Proper Focus

B.    Fight With A Persistent Faithfulness

1.    In the Scriptures

2.    In the Local Church

C.    Fight With A Passionate Fervency

II.    Fight the Enemies of Our Family

A.    Anger

B.    Apathy

C.    Absenteeism

III.    Fight the Decay in Our Own Society

A.    Through Prayer

B.    Through Participation in Community

C.    Through Personal Soul Winning

D.    Through Promotion of God’s Institution

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