I Gave Her Space

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with an expanded outline downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Revelation 2:20-23

Title: I Gave Her Space

Introduction: The one fault with which the Lord Jesus confronts the church at Thyatira is that they allowed Jezebel to do her wicked work in their midst. In verses 22-23, the Lord pronounces terrible judgment on her and her followers. But after He confronts the church with her faults and before He pronounces judgment on Jezebel, He makes this amazing statement, “I gave her space.” While the Lord was angry with Jezebel’s sin, and certainly intended to deal with it, He nonetheless gave her room to repent. God loves to give sinners—both saved and unsaved—space to come back to Him before judgment falls.

  1. God’s Patience
    1. Examples
    2. Explanation
  2. God’s Purpose
    1. God gives us space to repent
    2. God gives us space to return
  3. Our Problem
    1. We are ignorant
    2. We ignore
  4. The Principles
    1. Liberty is not license
    2. Time is not tolerance
    3. Patience is not permissiveness


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