Transparency in Leadership

Being Genuine, Real, and Open about Who You Are

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Title: Transparency in Leadership

Text: Psalm 25

Introduction: Psalm 25 is an instruction on guidance. How guidance is sought; how guidance is taught, how guidance is brought. BUT, it is also a lesson on transparency. On being genuine, real, and open about who you are, what you are going through, and who will you trust.

I want to speak to you about the characteristics of a transparent leadership.

I. Transparent leadership is honest in its admission.

A. He is honest in his assessment of his self.

1. The problem of unconfessed sins.

2. The problem of uncontrolled sins.

B. He is honest concerning the afflictions of his soul.

1. He is distressed.

2. He is desperate.

II. Transparent leadership is humble in its approach.

A. We learn how to pray through humility.

B. We learn how to be patient through humility.

C. We learn how to be pliable through humility.

D. We look for pardon through humility.

III. Transparent leadership is heavenly in its ambition.

A. A heavenly ambition is concerned about the safety of his soul.

B. A heavenly ambition is comforted about the satisfying of his soul.

C. A heavenly ambition is contented concerning the certainty of his soul.

Conclusion: Real leadership is transparent. Transparency involves honesty, humility, and a heavenly mindedness. It is a leadership that is clearly motivated to glorify God and brings Him honor.

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