Pastoral Leadership

3 Tips for Your First Year

Before You Start a Church—Part 3

Defending or Blending the Truth

Making the Truth Distinct from Error

Accepting Imperfect People

3 Responses to the Sinner

The Tolerance Myth

Pluralism Is Intolerant of Christians

3 Stewardship Lessons

Your Money Is Not Really Yours

The Joy of the Annual Missions Conference

Helping Your Church Develop a Strong Missions Program

Are Ethnic Ministries Right for You?

Shining the Gospel to Those Who Do Not Speak English

Leading Others to Excellence

Making Sure Your Ministry Does Everything with Excellence

Check Your Motives Often

Ministry Expectations—Part 3

Transparency in Leadership

Being Genuine, Real, and Open about Who You Are

Be Committed to Bible Preaching and Teaching

Ministry Expectations—Part 2

How to Get Over Being Lame

Capitalizing on the Strengths of Your Church

Faithfulness in Ministry

Ministry Expectations—Part 1

Leading During Times of Crises

5 Lessons from Paul's Crises at Sea

4 Steps to Help Your People Give

Guidance for Givers

Lessons on Leadership

Leading During Challenges, Obstacles, and New Opportunities

Dealing with Death in Your Family

Encouraging Thoughts for Those Suffering a Loss

Retaining People through a Discipleship Program

How to Develop Committed Christians

The DNA of Greatness

The Necessary Traits of a Great Church Planter