Pastoral Leadership

18 Questions to Discern if Your Church Is Maturing

Maturity Does Not Happen Automatically

The Importance of Speaking Clearly

Using Your Voice Correctly

The Role and Authority of the Pastor in Church Planting

Pastors Should Take Point in Planting New Churches

3 Steps to Significant Growth

Praying and Preparing for Church Growth

Chasing Buzzards

Keeping Your Priorities Right

Assimilation Protocol

8 Ideas to Help Guests Become Members

6 Principles for Loyalty in the Ministry

Lessons from Paul’s Ministry

The Importance of the First Impression

You Only Get One Chance to Make It

Fighting Phariseeism

Finding and Eradicating the Seeds in Our Own Lives

Preaching for Results

Effective Preaching Requires the Right Spirit

The Value of Critics

They Can Be a Blessing if You Will Let Them

Developing a Written Missions Policy

Creating Guidelines for Your Missions Program

Keeping the Finances Afloat

Ideas to Get or Keep Your Church on Solid Financial Footing

Churches and Legal Protection

The Necessity of Legal Counsel for Churches

5 Reasons Preachers Quit

Seeing and Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Questions to Ask When Criticized

Understanding What to Do with Criticism

The New Testament Church Model

Following the Pattern Taught by the First Century Church

The Link Between Separation and Revival

Neither Will Survive Long Without the Other

Raising Up Church Planters In Your Church

Nurturing the Next Generation of Laborers

Old Paths and a New Life

Using a Biblical Ministry Philosophy

What Are New Buildings For?

Church Growth Should Be deeper Than New Buildings