Review: Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement

A Review of the Book by Dan Lucarini

This book offers a perspective few have written from—a Christian who was once involved in the Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) movement and has since changed his beliefs on music. In this book, author Dan Lucarini gives both his testimony and an inside view of CCM.

Those who are involved in CCM often struggle to see scriptural reasons to avoid it. This book not only provides Bible passages to answer these questions, but it also speaks to the heart of these issues, identifying the underlying scriptural principles involved. The book also points out some often misapplied passages that are twisted to actually promote CCM.

I especially appreciate the spirit in which this book is written. The author is firm in his articulation of biblical principles, but he is kind in his approach.

The book speaks to the real issues of using CCM in church. It is scripturally supported in content and kind in spirit.

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