Sunday School in HD

A Review of the Book by Allan Taylor

Churches across the country are discarding their Sunday school programs, claiming that Sunday school has become an outdated method of ministry. Author Allan Taylor, however, argues that Sunday school is no more outdated than television. To be sure, the black and white television set of a few decades ago has undergone major changes. But instead of throwing out the television, we have bettered it. With the development of high-definition screens, we can actually enhance our viewing experience.

In Sunday School in HD, Taylor points church leaders to the tremendous benefits of a well-designed Sunday school program in the local church. Sunday school has a unique potential to promote growth, fellowship, and discipleship. It provides the smaller group settings that foster relationships and develop spiritual leaders. And it definitely doesn’t have to be outdated or irrelevant.

Taylor doesn’t sugarcoat the work involved to program a HD Sunday school. And he doesn’t suggest fleshly growth methods to attract crowds. Rather he concentrates on proper leadership, quality training, biblical teaching content, investing into the lives of others, and using the Sunday school as a task force to accomplish the Great Commission of Christ.

This book is a helpful read whether you are struggling to understand the place of Sunday school in the church or simply wanting to stimulate an already well-functioning Sunday school toward a higher standard of excellence.

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