This Little Church Stayed Home

A Review of the Book by Gary Gilley

Good, strong, faithful churches in our day are increasingly being enticed away from the foundation of Scripture. In an effort to draw a crowd, they are actually being drawn into the crowd. The result is that they have little to offer the world with which they have surrounded themselves.

This Little Church Stayed Home points out the deceptions of trying to “market” the Gospel. It exposes seeker-sensitive and postmodern philosophies that may temporarily lure the world to church, but in the meantime, lure the church from truth.

The book emphasizes the power of the Gospel, without worldly marketing techniques. It reminds us that the Gospel is offensive to the unsaved man because of his sin. To try to make it less offensive is to do away with the very aspect he needs to understand—his need for the cleansing blood of Christ. At the same time, however, it reminds us that God has chosen to use the foolishness of preaching to save the lost.

The church who “stays home,” rejecting the marketing philosophies of twenty-first century Christianity, has something far better to offer a needy world. When we obey our Lord’s command and do His work His way, we have His power to produce fruit that remains to His glory.

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