38 Ways to Pray for Your Husband

Praying for my husband allows me to have a positive impact in his life. Something usually happens when we pray for others, especially for our husbands. When we pray for our husbands, the hardness in our heart softens, our anger recedes, our hurts are healed, and forgiveness takes place. I have a picture of my husband as a little boy that I keep with my prayer journal. It reminds me that my husband is one of God’s children, and I ask God to help me see my husband through His eyes. After this kind of prayer and after looking at that picture, I find it very hard to be upset with him.

You can pray for your husband in a variety of ways. How you pray for him, however, is not as important as consistently and frequently lifting Him up before the Lord.

Pray for your husband’s specific needs. The following list may help as you develop a greater and more detailed prayer life for your husband. Pray:

  • That he will be Spirit filled
  • That he will have a strong walk with the Lord
  • That he will have a productive day
  • That God will bless his appointments
  • That he will be able to handle the stress of the day
  • That God will give him wisdom in counseling
  • That he would have a sense of fulfillment
  • That he would have sufficient study time
  • That God will strengthen him in his burdens
  • That God will protect him from temptation
  • That God will give protection from anyone wanting to hurt him
  • That God will protect his reputation
  • That he will be healthy—keep him well
  • That God will heal him if he is sick
  • For his responsibilities
  • For his priorities
  • That he will be a good leader
  • For those that he leads
  • For his role as a father
  • For safety as he travels
  • For refreshment as he travels
  • For no delays as he travels
  • That God will make him strong where he is weak
  • That God will give him the courage to make right choices
  • That he will be encouraged
  • For his vision
  • That God will direct his path
  • That he will be fruitful
  • For his friends
  • For safety from any danger
  • That he would maintain balance in all his roles
  • For sermons he is preparing
  • That God will safeguard his heart
  • That he will continue to love righteousness and hate wickedness
  • That he will have self-control
  • That he will have peace and joy
  • That God will give him wisdom in disciplining the children
  • That he will recognize the lies of the enemy

This list is not exhaustive, but it gives us a starting point! These are things for which we can pray every day. Imagine the profound impact you could have on your husband’s life and ministry if you would bring these requests before the Lord on a regular basis. Imagine how your heart might fill with a deeper love for God and for him!

This article is an excerpt from the book It’s a Wonderful Life by Terrie Chappell
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