A Protected Life

Thank God for His Hand of Protection

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Hebrews 1:14

When was the last time you saw the hand of God protecting you from harm? How many times are we oblivious to His unseen hand moving on our behalf? Only eternity will tell what He mobilized to defend us and to keep us safe.

I had just closed my front door when a threatening growl behind me made me turn with a start. A white blur shot around the corner of my house racing directly at me. Fear caught in my throat. I desperately prayed as the white, wolf-like beast stopped just feet from me with quivering raised haunches and foam forming at his mouth. I knew the sign of a rabid animal; here was living proof. Keeping my eyes on his bared fangs, I slowly backed up toward my vehicle. “Go home,” I commanded. My outstretched hand felt the latch which I warily opened, scooting toward my safety. It all happened so fast after that. I slid into the driver’s seat and slammed the door just as the monster lunged at my window clawing and snarling. I found out later, that my neighbor was also attacked, and defended himself with a lid from a trashcan. Animal control officers came quickly and tranquilized the dog. I was grateful for God’s protection.

I was around eight-years-old when I believed I was going to die. My recent swimming safety course flooded my mind. I could not breathe as the rapids plummeted me to the bottom of the river, grazing my body on the boulders and river-bottom muck. Wearing my inner tube, I had been eagerly wading along the rickety fence which poked out of the water. It was built to dam the river and create the rapids which rushed out the opening along the opposite shore. Something had grabbed at my legs and sucked me out of my tube and down deeper into the water. I felt myself being pulled through the broken fence near the bottom of the river and spit out into the surging rapids. My lungs felt like they were exploding. Everything was a blur for what seemed like an eternity until I finally split the surface, gasping and calling for help.

Looking back now, I understand God loved me even as a little girl who had not yet trusted Christ as my Saviour. He knew I would become an heir of salvation, and He had plans for my life. Yes, God protects His own; but what about the times when God’s protection seems to have gone awry? God’s grace steps in then, and we find security in His strength.

God’s grace stepped in after my brother was shot during a robbery, and left to die while working late hours at a gas station to pay his way through Bible college. Today, he is pastoring Crossroads Baptist Church in Dothan, Alabama. God’s grace stepped in when my sister and husband watched their home and belongings destroyed in a fire. Today, they are endeavoring to start a Baptist church in McKinney, Texas. God’s grace steps in when Christians are called upon to give their lives as martyrs for their faith.

When your life’s story is written, what drama will unveil God’s hand of protection; or what trial will reveal His strengthening grace which stepped in to embrace your broken heart? Think back and thank Him today. God is so good!

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