A Radiant Life

Reflecting God’s Light to Those around Us

“I have even heard of thee, that the spirit of the gods is in thee, and that light and understanding and excellent wisdom is found in thee.” Daniel 5:14

Daniel’s testimony was that light could be seen in his life—the light of God. Our world is definitely a dark place. If ever a light could shine brightly, it is today. What affects my brilliance as I let my little light shine?

Light is a wonderful thing. This energizing, warming phenomenon makes God’s creation sparkle before us. Although our human eyes are limited in viewing many colors of the electromagnetic spectrum, God’s rainbow of colors still bursts in brilliance. These beautiful colors shine even brighter when they are reflected from a clean, clear object like the Swarovski crystals hanging in my kitchen window. What a joy to start my day counting rainbows!

Light’s reflective power is also affected by colors. A dark surface mainly absorbs the light causing a heating effect upon the object. How miserable dark clothing makes one on a very hot day. How miserable the Christian is who lives in the darkness of sin and does not reflect the glory of God in his life. The heating effects of reaping to the flesh are just expected results from God’s spiritual physics course. The brighter the white is; the cooler and more refreshing the light is.

Others can detect your lifestyle by the colors they see in your life. The mixing of all the visible frequencies of light is seen in the pure color of white. A life of righteousness is seen as it reflects the total frequencies of God’s radiant light. A whiter-than-snow life is a living testament to the reflective power of light coming from your heavenly Source. On the other hand, no light of any frequency causes the mental perception of a black color. A life of sin is like a dark, gloomy existence—clouding and casting shadows. The worst terror in hell will be the blackness of darkness caused by the absence of light; the absence of the presence of God. The flames will be there, but they will burn forever in a vast expanse of darkness.

Those around us so desperately need to be bathed in God’s comforting light. Jesus Christ is the Light of the world; revealing the glory of God. His life was pure and holy; shining brightly on all who entered His presence. His children have entered His light and must continue reflecting His glory to a world lost in the darkness of sin. What picture are you projecting for others around you?

Your face can truly shine with the glory of God. As a teenager, my mother drove me to work and prayed with me before I hopped out of the car. She specifically prayed my face would shine with the love of Christ. I was amazed when a customer commented, “Your countenance is just glowing today!” You can be sure I have prayed that prayer for myself and others down through the years. Moses needed a veil over his glowing face after meeting with God. How many people have basked in your radiance because you have met with God? Let’s penetrate the darkness and win others for Christ because He has allowed us to be a warming, energizing phenomenon for His glory!

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