Coconut Christians

Lessons from the Coconut

“Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days.”—Ecclesiastes 11:1

Coconuts can drop from a swaying palm tree and then bounce and roll into the crashing surf causing them to float a thousand miles or more. Many of them find a safe haven on another land mass where they productively spread their seeds to grow new palm trees and continue the cycle of fruit-bearing.

Coconuts get their name from the sixteenth-century Portuguese and Spanish word coco meaning “grinning face” or “grin” which can be seen on the coconut’s three-indention, shell design. The Coconut Palm can bear fruit for up to eighty years strengthening its structure by continually producing roots during its life-span. A palm tree thrives in sunny climates with regular rainfall, but sees fatal decline in severe frost. Coconuts are very productive and are known for their many uses including food, milk, and water, along with oil from the kernel which is used for cooking, for making soaps, and for making cosmetics. Charcoal, bird houses, bowls, cups, and musical instruments are made from the hard shell; and brushes, doormats, floor tiles, insulation, and mattresses are made from the coir fiber. Monkeys have even been trained to help pick these beneficial fruits.

Are you willing to spread the seed of the gospel over ocean currents over a thousand miles—grinning along the way? Are you continually basking in God’s light and drinking in His Word, thereby deepening your roots in your relationship with Him so you may continue bearing fruit for many years to come? Why not be a coconut Christian? Remember, you cannot go wrong with a coconut investment!

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