DIY Projects and Ladies Ministry

3 Parallels between DIY Projects and Ladies Ministry

Do the letters DIY mean something to you? Do It Yourself projects have become so popular. Why pay someone to do something that you can do yourself? In 1997, when my husband became pastor of our church, I decided to wallpaper his office. So, a friend and I chose the paper, with his blessing of course, gathered the supplies, and began the project. About halfway through the first day, Teresa told me that she was paying someone to hang wallpaper at her house that very day while she was helping me. We laughed so hard at the thought.

In my early stay-at­-home years, I did many DIY projects around our house and never thought about the fact that it would be a popular thing to do one day. I would send my husband to work and the kids to school and get busy. I have wallpapered over paneling, painted walls, furniture and cabinets, sheet-rocked a closet, refurbished ceilings, painted picture mats and frames, and the list goes on. I love decorating with almost nothing and making it look like something!

Half the battle is won with a DIY project by believing that you can do it. A positive attitude towards the project makes a world of difference. If I believe I can’t, then I am going to do a poor job at it. Years ago, when I was expecting our third child, I said, “Lord, give me a girl and I will sew her clothes, making them modest and beautiful.” My little girl arrived, and some months later I made her first pair of culottes. I then promised the Lord, “As long as there are hand-me-downs and clearance sales I will never make my daughter wear what I have sewn.” The truth of the matter revealed that my gift was not sewing.

One-fourth of the battle is won in studying a plan for your DIY project. Remember the saying, “A vision without a plan is only a dream.” Figure out what works for you and go for it. It is okay to ask for help. Projects are enjoyable when more than one person is involved. If a problem arises, there are two to laugh, cry, and redo!

One-fourth of the project is accomplished by implementing the plan. Putting the plan in action takes boldness to go forward, stick-to-it strategy, working through the rough edges, and completing the project that was begun. Many DIY projects are begun but never finished—some houses are full of incomplete projects. Good intentions often characterize us.

These parallels hold true with ladies ministry.

First, you must tell yourself, “I can do this!” Your outlook towards ladies ministry is half the battle. Have a positive attitude towards changing things that need to be changed. Add freshness and life to your ladies ministry through change. Desire for it to grow, reaching more ladies in your local church and in your community.

Second, you must have a plan and study that plan, putting details on paper. Anything worth doing takes time. All of us have the time. It is how we choose to spend our time that usually keeps us captive from such growth.

Third, implement the plan. The plan must be set into action. There will be opposition if the plan involves change at all. That is the case in every church. With the Pastor’s blessing, go forward, doing your best to make changes in a positive manner, trying not to hurt the feelings of anyone involved. Some people may need more explanation and one-on-one attention than others.

As an illustration, I thought of a huge change that I desired to make as Director of Nurseries. The work of the nursery fell heavily on one lady and then three more ladies under her. These ladies were tiring and not being able to get into service as they should. So, I thought of a plan. As I thought, I got excited about it and passed it around to a few of my Think-Tank Team Members. Then, I put the plan on paper. It looked good and it seemed to work on paper.

I began to implement the plan. As I figured, it did receive a bit of opposition; however, with the Pastor’s blessing I began to ask ladies to hold new positions in the nursery, beginning with the ladies that were presently overworked. They still had a main position, but had less responsibility. Individual meetings were held. Explanations were given. No secrets about this change were kept. The nursery just simply needed an overhaul. It worked like a charm and I have been able to pass off the role of Director of Nurseries to a staff wife who is quite capable of taking it.

Keep a positive attitude! You can do this! Get busy and do what is needed today.

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