Elephants Don’t Get Strong by Accident

Growing Spiritually Takes Grace and Diligence

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:”—1 Peter 5:8

Riding an elephant in a Texas zoo was a fun adventure for me as a child. I remember feeling on top of the world observing everything from my high perch. Male, African elephants can reach a height of thirteen feet and can weigh up to 15,000 pounds. Being a mega-strong, terrestrial animal has its advantages—the predators tend to look elsewhere for dinner.

Each day, an elephant can consume up to 330 pounds of vegetation while drinking up to 11 gallons of water. The need to stay hydrated keeps them near water sources; and if there is a drought, they can dig for water with their strong legs creating waterholes for themselves as well as other animals. Their large ears are great for hearing calls up to six miles away and are invaluable for fanning in the blazing, African heat.

Being spiritually mature and strong has its advantages too. Frequently finding yourself at God’s banqueting table is a must and more so as you mature in the Lord. Overindulging is encouraged. God can even use those drought times in your life to help you make watering holes for others. The blistering heat is coming, but God has afforded the blessing of hearing His Word as a tool to fan the flames. The predator is looking for the weak one. An elephant may live up to seventy years, but every day must be spent in diligence to remain strong. The predators are out there; that is something all elephants must never forget!

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