Enjoying God’s Handiwork

Creation Shows God’s Care for Us

The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him;Psalm 25:14a

Red, orange, yellow, purple; the colors of a deciduous autumn cause praise to our Creator. During growing season for trees and shrubs, chlorophyll is constantly being replaced in the leaves because the sunlight fades the leaf’s green pigment produced from the chlorophyll much like sunlight fades colored paper. As autumn approaches with less sunlight, the connection site between leaf and the rest of the plant begins to be blocked by the breakdown of cells creating a corky layer of these cells.

With the necessary route blocked for the formation of chlorophyll, the leaf’s green pigment is soon gone revealing the hidden pigments of red, orange, yellow, or purple which have been there all along. Scientists understand the cause of these pigment changes but do not assuredly know their purpose.

Could it be just a beautiful display of love from a wonderful Creator for our enjoyment? The scientists may not admit it, but remember the secret of the LORD is with them that fear Him!

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