It’s All about People

We Must Not Lose Our Heart for People

“It’s been a people day,” I said to my daughter many afternoons in her teen years. Although I might have said it because of being exhausted from giving to people all day, it was not a negative statement at all.

People are more important than plans. Whether it is through a branch of our ladies ministry, or through personally counseling a lady, it is my desire to help ladies move from being a guest in church, to the outer core, to the middle core, then to the inner core of our local church.

Ladies ministry should always be about people. Years ago, my husband and I stopped by to visit a lady in our church. She was outside washing her vehicle, and was using a toothbrush to clean the corners of her vehicle windows. The thought then entered my mind, “We must reach the people who are first class and the people who are not.” We should do things in such a way that we can reach all ladies, no matter their status in life; for all are important to God!

Jesus was all about people. The Samaritan woman was so important to Him that He directed His journey through Samaria (see John 4:4–7). The woman was going about her life, just doing the things that she normally did, but God had a plan. His plan was all about people then, and it still is today. Every person is important to God; therefore, every person should be important to you and me.

As a leader of ladies, it is important that they recognize your care and concern for them. You must go where they are. You must be interested in what is going on in their life. You must come to their level and help them grow spiritually.

Ladies ministry is about outreach and inreach. Outreach is winning them to the Lord. Inreach is bringing them into the church family, discipling them, helping them to develop a heart to serve, and challenging them to grow spiritually through serving. It is my desire that the ladies ministry of your church and my church will have outreach and inreach as a part of its growth.

In Titus 2, God’s Word challenges us to be teachers. We are to teach and train the younger women sound doctrine, how to behave, to be teachers of good things, to love our husbands and children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, obedient to our husbands and other practical truths. We must train ladies about the things of the Lord. God has given us a list and we must fulfill this list in our teaching and training of the women in our care.

I’m so thankful for each lady that has been reached through the ministries of our church; but, these are not enough. We must go after more ladies for Jesus was all about people as long as His ministry was on this earth. He then commissioned us to be all about people for people are the work of God.

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