It Shall Be Well

The Faith of the Shunammite Woman

And she said, It shall be well.—2 Kings 4:23c

The Shunammite’s promised son had died, but his mother still believed God. Through Elisha this lady had been promised a son from the Lord, and she decided to believe God again when her child breathed his last breath.

When her husband questioned her regarding the child’s state, she said, “It shall be well.” When Elisha’s servant questioned her regarding her son before she reached Elisha, she replied, “It is well.”

She believed God. She would not stop believing in God’s promise to her. After Elisha prayed to the Lord for her son, God heard and answered because a mother decided to just believe God. What a happy scene we see in verse thirty-five, “And the child sneezed seven times, and the child opened his eyes.”

What would the Lord do for us if we would just believe Him?

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