Ladies Ministry Idea 5—Who’s the King of the Jungle

A Jungle Themed Ladies Event

Excitement filled the air on the evening of “Who Is the King of the Jungle” Ladies Spring Event. As moms, daughters, and friends entered the campus they sensed the immediate anticipation as they saw the jeep and jungle decor outside. When they entered the lobby, ladies both young and old enjoyed the live wildlife. Snakes, birds, turtles, and other creatures roamed among the trees as guests snacked on “Jungle Trail Mix” and “Animals on a Log.”

Sounds of the jungle permeated the air in the Worship Center. The front of the auditorium was transformed into a jungle camping scene, where a giant monkey had taken over the safari guide’s tent. Little girls squealed and giggled in delight as he roared and entertained them. Occasionally, a thunderstorm would erupt and lights would flash, and sounds from a tropical storm would increase. It felt like a real jungle! Mrs. Chappell welcomed the ladies to the exciting Spring Event and a young girl’s group sang an adorable version of the song, “Who’s the King of the Jungle?” complete with hand motions.

Following this time of singing, our official tour guide introduced us to the King of the Jungle, a lion. This short interview was filled with biblical truth applicable to all ages, but enjoyed most by the young ladies in the crowd. The short jungle video was next and was the highlight for many of the more mature ladies in the crowd, specifically the moms.

It’s a jungle out there and like many adventurers of days gone by, moms guide their children through the adventure of life. Our video guide, Carla, encouraged mothers to continue on their safari and not to be faint in well doing.

Again, the young ladies sang about two famous creatures—the hippo and the monkey. This was followed by a game of animal charades. During another song, the ladies enjoyed a special musical solo of “The King of Who I am.” The message of this song prepared the way for our guest speaker who offered biblical principles and encouragement when experiencing trials in the jungle of life.

This exciting service was followed by a unique luncheon in our transformed gymnasium. Ladies entered the wild as they stepped into our own rain forest. The ceiling and walls were covered with greenery. Jungle noises played in the background. Individual animal fans were placed at each guest’s place setting. The menu was wild and the food delicious. All who attended enjoyed the time of spiritual growth and memory making.

Pictures of the event and patterns for many of the decorations as well as the script for the interview with the lion are available below.

Microsoft Office document icon jungle-adventure.doc
Image icon animal-skin.jpg
PDF icon animal-stickers.pdf
PDF icon cheetah-ticket.pdf
PDF icon giraffe-ticket.pdf
PDF icon zebra-ticket.pdf
PDF icon zebra-print.pdf
PDF icon tiger.pdf
PDF icon jungle-labels.pdf
PDF icon tag.pdf
PDF icon jungle-insert.pdf
PDF icon menu.pdf
PDF icon placecards.pdf
PDF icon verse-cards.pdf
PDF icon jungle-signs.pdf
Image icon jungle-background.jpg
Image icon burlap-background.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-1.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-2.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-3.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-4.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-5.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-6.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-7.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-8.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-9.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-10.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-11.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-12.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-13.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-14.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-15.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-16.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-17.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-18.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-19.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-20.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-21.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-22.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-23.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-24.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-25.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-26.jpg
Image icon king-of-the-jungle-photo-27.jpg
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