Providing for His Own

Letting God Use You to Provide for His Children

God is always working behind the scenes to provide for His children. Since He knows what tomorrow holds, one would think that trusting the Lord would be the only option in daily living. Have you ever wondered why God directed the wise men to bring expensive gifts to the Saviour when He was obviously too young to make use of them?

God always has a reason for unexplainable details catching you off guard. God knew the evil heart of King Herod. God was providing for a very strenuous journey and stay in the foreign land of Egypt. What would you need for a journey of over 200 miles through unknown territory with a new mother and child?

God used the wise men to provide for the Saviour. What an awesome thought. I no longer wonder why God describes these men as wise. Some might think it was only intellect, but I know it was more. I am sure they did not realize the importance of their visit, but the Heavenly Father did. What a blessing it would be if God would consider us wise enough to use in His behind-the-scenes plans He has for one of His children this Christmas season!

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