Training for a Mission Trip

Seven Steps to Planning an Unforgettable Mission Trip—Part 4

This is part four of this article. Please click here to read part one, two, or three.

Step 7: Train the Team

As you prepare all of the logistics of the trip, it is equally important that you prepare your team too. Schedule regular team meetings in which you train your group for a particular aspect of the mission trip.

Take time to discuss some of the cultural characteristics of the place to which you are going. There may be some things you don’t want your group to do or say when they are interacting with people. There may also be some things that are customary for people to do which you should be aware of.

Although you cannot teach your group to speak a new language, there are some common greetings and phrases that your group should learn and use.

Whether you are conducting special programs for children or giving special numbers in a church service, your group will need to know what to do. Organize ensembles and practice music so that everyone is prepared.

Teach your group how to maintain a high level of vigilance while traveling. Use a buddy system, and assign every person to a chaperon so that no one is isolated at any time during the trip. This is especially important for the ladies in your group. Ladies should wear little or no jewelry and always keep their handbags secure and in front of them. Men should avoid putting things in back pockets where they are visible and easy targets for thieves.

Team Devotional Booklet
Make a devotional booklet, and give it to each member of your team. The booklet should have a devotion for each morning and evening. The morning devotion should be completed individually, and the evening devotion can be done with the room leaders. Include a section for service notes as well as journal entries each day so that team members can write down their decisions, blessings, and experiences.

Group Testimonies/Devotion Times
Plan to have some meetings with your group during the trip in which you share testimonies and have prayer. Ask your host missionary to speak during these times to challenge your group and answer questions. Times like this will have a lifelong impact on hearts.

As you prepare to lead a group from your church to share the Gospel on a mission field, I trust that these seven steps will serve as a guide to make your mission trip a truly unforgettable one. The impact Christ can make through you will have eternal rewards and the impact Christ can make in you will change you for eternity.

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