A Grateful Heart Is a Giving Heart

The Baptist preacher Dr. George W. Truett accepted an invitation from a church to preach the dedication sermon for their new building. He arrived at the church about ten minutes before the service started, and was told that the church needed to raise $6,500 by the next day in order to finish paying for the building. The church officers told him that they were depending on him to raise the money.

Dr. Truett preached the sermon then said, “These men bid me to tell you that you must give $6,500 in cash, which is all due tomorrow. Will you provide it?”

After Dr. Truett’s appeal, began the slowest, most reluctant, most Christ-shaming offering he had ever witnessed. After thirty minutes they had $3,000—not even half of what they needed. Dr. Truett said, “What do you expect of me? I am your guest. I do not happen to have the other $3,500. What do you expect of me?”

A little woman rose and addressed her husband who was at the front of the church recording what was given. With pathos in her voice she said, “Charley, I have wondered if you would be willing for us to give our little cottage just paid out of debt. We were offered $3,500 in cash for it yesterday. We were told we could get it at the bank any time in ten days, if we chose to make the trade.

“Charley, I have wondered if you would be willing for us to give our little house to Christ, that His house may be free. When we remember, Charley, that Christ gave His life for us, I wonder if we ought not to give this little house to Him.”

Charlie responded in the same spirit, “Jennie, dear, I was thinking of the same thing. We will give $3,500.”

Silence reigned for a minute and then grown men began sobbing, and almost in a moment that $3,500 was given by men and women who for the last half hour had either refused to give or had given grudgingly.

Many visitors had come for the special service, and before an invitation was given men and women came down every aisle in the church wanting to be saved.

The gratefulness of that one couple for what the Lord had done for them and their desire to give to Him prompted others to give and many to get saved.

Source: Presbyterian Survey, Volume 12, March, 1922