Mother’s Nurse

A little girl was trying very hard to take care of her sick mother. She did everything to make her mom feel more comfortable in bed, then quietly slipped into the kitchen. She had seen her mother make hot tea for her father when he was sick, so she set out to do the same for her ailing mom. With cup and saucer in hand, she took the tea into the bedroom and her mother was touched by this sweet act of compassion. The mother showered her daughter with praise and then said, “I didn’t know you could make tea.”

The little girl beamed with pride as she told her mom how she made it. She explained, “I boiled the water and tea leaves together just like you always do.” The mother listened attentively while sipping the tea. The girl continued her story by stating, “But I couldn’t find the little strainer thing so I used the fly-swatter.”

Her mom nearly spit out the tea as she exclaimed, “You used the fly-swatter!”

The little girl comforted her mother’s concerns by explaining, “Oh, but don’t worry, Mommy. I used the old fly-swatter so I wouldn’t mess up the new one.”

Source: Unknown

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