Willing to Die for His Princess

The historian Xenophon states, that when Cyrus had taken captives including a young prince of Armenia with his young and beautiful wife, of whom he was remarkably fond, they were brought before the tribunal of Cyrus to receive their sentence. The warrior inquired of the prince what he would give to be reinstated in his kingdom; and he replied, that he valued his crown and his liberty at a very low rate, but that if the noble conqueror would restore his beloved wife to her former dignity and possessions, he would willingly pay his life for the purchase. The prisoners were dismissed, to enjoy their freedom and former honors; and each was lavish in praises of the conqueror.

“And you,” said the prince, addressing his wife, “what did you think of Cyrus?”

“I did not observe him,” she replied.

“Not observe him!” exclaimed her husband, “upon whom, then, was your attention fixed?”

“Upon that dear and generous man,” she replied, “who declared his readiness to purchase my liberty at the expense of his life.”

Source: Practical Bible Illustrations From Yesterday And Today, Richard A. Steele, Jr. and Evelyn Stoner
Submitted by the homiletics class of West Coast Baptist College

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