Where Is My Honor?

An Appeal to Backsliders

Sermon outline: This is an abbreviated outline with the complete sermon downloadable at the bottom of the post.

Text: Malachi 1:6-9

Title: Where Is My Honor?

Introduction: The name Malachi means “messenger or missionary.” He was the last of the Old Testament prophets; and his book, named after him, closes the Old Testament books.

In this book, God presents a controversy He has with His people eight different times: 1:2, 6, 7; 2:14, 17; 3:7, 8, 13. Each controversy begins with a statement or question and is followed by an unrepentant and callous response by the people.

Malachi is about “a last cry”, “a final appeal” that God is making to His people before the close of the Old Testament period.

Malachi speaks of a God whose love will not let us go!

I. The Devotion of a God Who Is Powerfully Compassionate—vs. 1–5

A. A devotion that is impassioned in its depths

B. A devotion that is incomparable in its description

II. The Disappointment of a God Who Is Placed in Contempt—vs. 6

A. They dishonored God through a defilement in their worship.

B. They dishonored God through a distorting of their words.

C. They dishonored God through defrauding in their works.

III. The Declaration of a God Who Is Patiently Calling—vs.9

A. God is calling for repentance and faith.

B. God is calling for a restoration of fellowship.

C. God calls for a revival of the fruits of righteousness.

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