11 Life Lessons from Moses and Aaron

Lessons from Giants—Part 1

Remade, Not Repaired

The Power of Christ in Transforming Lives

Avoiding Sin

Understanding What First John Teaches about Sin

Freedom from Sin’s Power

Increasing Your Love for God

The Problem with a “Little Sin”

It Carries Big Consequences

No Sin Through Security

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Joseph Series—Part 9

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Joseph Series—Part 8

Search or Surrender?

Confessing and Forsaking Sin

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Lessons from the Life of Pharaoh

Sin in the Spotlight

God Sees Everything

Get Them Lost

Recognition of Sin Must Precede Salvation

Where Is My Honor?

An Appeal to Backsliders

The Course of the Natural Man

Man Is a Sinner By Nature

Blind Spots

How We Can Discover What Others Clearly See in Us


The Hypocrisy of America

82 Sins and Their Biblical Replacements

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2 Keys of Holy Living

Putting Off–Putting On Principle—Part 1

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