Church Planting

Obstacles or Opportunities

3 Ideas to Help Your Church Adapt to its Needs

What to Look for in a Church Planter

7 Important Areas to Be in Agreement On

Whatever It Takes

Qualities that Are Necessary in a Church Planter

Churches and Legal Protection

The Necessity of Legal Counsel for Churches

Church Planters Mentoring Church Planters

Sessions from Church Planter's Luncheon 2011

The New Testament Church Model

Following the Pattern Taught by the First Century Church

Raising Up Church Planters In Your Church

Nurturing the Next Generation of Laborers

Appreciation in Church Planting

Why Church Planters Should Show Gratitude

Temporary Framework

The Early Stages of Building a Church

We Are Independent But Not Isolated

7 Reasons We Are Compelled to Work Together

3 Principles to Establish Your Church Direction

The Pastor Must Lead

Increasing the Harvesters

Harvest Vision—Part 3

Church Planters: Characteristics to Appreciate

6 Key Qualities in a Church Planter

Too Old to Go

Where Can Pastors for Church Plants Be Found?

The Church Planting Work

Rolling up Your Sleeves

Scaffolding vs. First Fruits

Focus on Winning the Lost

3 Tips for Your First Year

Before You Start a Church—Part 3

5 Ideas for Your First Service

Before You Start a Church—Part 2

3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Before You Start a Church—Part 1

Finding the Right Place in Church Planting

9 Factors to Consider

How to Get Over Being Lame

Capitalizing on the Strengths of Your Church