Church Planting

Obstacles or Opportunities

3 Ideas to Help Your Church Adapt to its Needs

Stepping out in Faith

Trust God Even When You Can’t See How it Will Work Out

Supporting Church Planters in America

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Unexpected Blessings from a Crisis

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The Leaving Disease

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Having Long-Range Vision from the Start

How Many Are You Running?

Keep Adding People to Your Contact List

Adopting a Young Preacher

Investing Your Life in Those Coming behind You

How to Prepare a Rented Facility for Church Services

Remembering Small Details Makes a Big Improvement

Advice for New Church Planters

5 Church Planters Share What They Have Found to Be Helpful

After the First Year

What to Expect When Your Church Is One Year Old

Map: Denominations by County in the US

The Need for Church Planting in the US

Using Get-Acquainted Meetings to Start a Church

10 Reasons to Have Get-Acquainted Meetings

Where Should a New Church Be Planted?

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The Role of Spiritual Warfare in Church Planting

Utilize God’s Resources for Church Planting

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Essential Traits of a Church Planter

The Role and Authority of the Pastor in Church Planting

Pastors Should Take Point in Planting New Churches

Whatever It Takes

Qualities that Are Necessary in a Church Planter

Churches and Legal Protection

The Necessity of Legal Counsel for Churches