Revival at Joppa

The Stirring of a Church to Revival

The Most Dangerous Book in the World

The Power of God’s Word

This Is Good?

Joseph Series—Part 3

Planned Preparations

Joseph Series—Part 2

Nobody Asked Me

Joseph Series—Part 1

Why Should We Be Woeful?

5 Joy Producers

Very Much Land

A Sermon from Joshua 13:1

Christmas Resources

Links to Slide Sets, Videos, Sermons, and Articles

The Missing Gift

God’s Gracious Gifts—Part 4

The Majestic Gift

God’s Gracious Gifts—Part 3

The Marvelous Gift

God’s Gracious Gifts—Part 2

The Miraculous Gift

God’s Gracious Gifts—Part 1

Getting Your Friends to Jesus

4 Lessons from Mark 2

Choose the Easy Way

God’s Way Is Easiest

3 Tasks for the Local Church

A look at God’s model for the Church

Facing the Giant of Your Adversary

Facing Your Giants—Part 10

Facing the Giant of Loneliness

Facing Your Giants—Part 9

Facing the Giant of Lust

Facing Your Giants—Part 8

Facing the Giant of Pride

Facing Your Giants—Part 7

Facing the Giant of Temptation

Facing Your Giants—Part 6

Facing the Giant of Anger

Facing Your Giants—Part 5