Ladies Ministry

Journal for a Purpose

Using a Journal to Help Your Spiritual Growth


Being Still before the Lord

Sin in the Spotlight

God Sees Everything

Blessings of the Year

Reflecting on God's Goodness

Trials Grow Our Faith

A Grandbaby Teaches His Grandma about Faith

An Expectant Life

Anticipating God's Working

10 Ways to Express Thanks

It Is a Good Thing to Give Thanks unto the Lord

A Prepared Life

A Successful Life Is a Prepared One

Acts of Compassion

Do You Show Compassion in These Three Areas?

Mom’s Survival Kit

Making Your Home a Peaceful Place

A Precious Life

Guarding the Spiritual Success of Your Children

A Refreshing Life

Letting God Make You Refreshing to Others

Trusting God with Your Children

How to Be a Jochebed Parent Without an Ichabod Child

Great Mothers of the Bible

4 Biblical Role Models

Ladies Ministry Idea 1—Sweet, Sweet Spirit

Encouraging a Sweet Spirit among Your Ladies

When Life Is Not What You Pictured

Living in Reality

A Changed Life

Be a Masterpiece for God

2 Necessities to Maintain Balance

Balance Is Not a Static Condition

God Is Unchanging

God's Promises Are True

Finding Balance

Make Christ the Center of Your Life