Coffee Break Ladies Conference

Downloads from the West Coast Baptist Ladies Conference

Need a break from the daily grind? The 2012 West Coast Baptist Ladies Conference allowed hundreds of women to gain the break and fresh perspective they needed. Your mind will be renewed by the Word of God and your spirit will be strengthened by practical Bible-based teaching geared especially toward the needs of Christian women today. So, hold up an empty cup, and fill it with the free downloads below!

Combined Sessions Click a title to download audio

Terrie Chappell—Thursday

Penny Gibbs—Wednesday

Penny Gibbs—Thursday

Penny Gibbs—Saturday

April Goetsch—Friday

April Goetsch—Saturday

Linda Wilkerson—Friday

Split Sessions
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Caution: Hot!—Terrie Chappell

The Perks of Healthy Living—Lisa Chappell

Coffee and Donuts—Nicole Christoson

What Did She Order?—Nicole Christoson

Passion Tea—Ginna Dunwoody

House Blend—Bonnie Ferrso

Single Cup—Penny Gibbs

The Perfect Blend—Penny Gibbs

Your Own Special Blend—April Goetsch

Coffee 101—Diane Goetsch

A Full Pot—Debbie Goddard

Heavely Brew—Rachel Graham

A True Brew—Carla Hobbs

Spills Happen—Kathy Houk

A Gold Member—Kay Husband

A Pump of Classic Encouragement—Kay Husband

Iced Coffee—Alyssa Lofgren

DECAF—Danielle Mordh

Keeping it Fresh—Jenny Navarrete

Coffee House—Jenny Navarrete

Free Refills—Suza Rasmussen

The Essential Ingredient—Suza Rasmussen

A Latte Fun—Susanah Ruhl

A Sip at Sunrise—Lisa Stoner

Coffee Plantation—Sherry Tierney

Extra Bold—Rita Weaver

Will That Be a Tall or Not At All?—Rita Weaver

Instant Coffe—Alicia Whitman

Bitter or Better—Linda Wilkerson

Thirsty—Linda Wilkerson

The Jitters—Angie Zachary

Spanish Sessions

Café en la Cafetería—Jenny Navarrete

Dulce o Amarga—Patricia Castillo

Un Trago al Amanecer—Lizzy Dominguez

Sedienta—Bertha Garcia

¿Qué es lo que ella ordenó?—Arianet Silva

El Ingrediente Esencial—Sylvia Sandoval

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