Don’t Let Negativity Steal Your Joy

“Thou preparest a table before cup runneth over.”—Psalm 23:5

What is the hardest material in the human body? Although this substance is the toughest, it can begin to break down through constant stress as seen in one grinding his teeth or clenching his stomach from acid indigestion. Even the most enjoyable things in life when frequently relished by this hardest material can cause its deterioration.

The prevention of this deterioration is to keep oral acid at a bare minimum. This oral acid, most commonly, is produced when Streptococcus mutans bacteria meets sucrose. Yes, this bacteria in the oral cavity is waiting to take the sweet and turn it into something detrimental to your joy. Your tough, tooth enamel is no match for Streptococcus mutans. We must not over indulge in the sweet things in life.

The Lord knows we would not grow spiritually without the bitter making us better by God’s grace. The sweet things in life are not bad for you, but be on guard when Streptococcus comes along to try to ferment your joy. Diligent brushing and flossing to defeat this enemy is a must. Dental sealants will further strengthen your armory of dental hygiene. Prevention of tooth decay is the best way to maintain healthy enamel.

Prepare your heart now before Mr. Streptococcus comes your way. If you clear out the negative thinking and seal your heart with God’s promises, you can enjoy the bitter along with the sweet. The Lord is preparing the table before you so be ready for your cup to overflow!

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