Pastoral Leadership

Leading a Church through Transition

5 Components to Productive Transitions

The Basis for Biblical Standards

Standards Must Be Grounded on Biblical Principles

A Spiritually Rooted Staff Member

10 Characteristics of a Growing Staff Member

A Rooted Church

Providing Stability in Unstable Times

Religion vs. Relationship

3 Necessary Elements in Our Christian Life

5 Daily Practices for Growing Leaders

Getting Back to the Basics for Spiritual Growth

The Basis of Fundamentalism

What a Fundamentalist Is

3 Hindrances to Laboring Together

Lessons from the Church at Corinth

3 Characteristics of a Servant Leader

Serving Is the Highest Profession

Ministering to Homeschoolers

Assimilating Homeschool Families Into Your Church

How Jesus Got Everything Done

Discerning Priorities by Spending Time with God

14 Ways to Change the Spirit in Your Church

How to Infuse Joy into Your Church

The End of the Commandment

A Call to Charity

Concerns and Hopes for Older Preachers

Thoughts for Older Preachers

Concerns and Hopes for Young Preachers

Important Leadership Qualities for Young Preachers

5 Ways to Stay Personal

It Is Easy for Large Ministries to Lose the Personal Touch

How to Help Hurting People

The Pastor Must Bind up the Broken Hearted

Why I Am Not a Calvinist

A Biblical Look at the Calvinist’s Position

Keeping Unity in the Local Church

Avoiding the Earthquakes of Disunity

Seeing More Men and Boys Called to the Ministry

3 Ingredients Necessary to See Men Enter the Ministry