Pastoral Leadership

Keeping Unity in the Local Church

Avoiding the Earthquakes of Disunity

Seeing More Men and Boys Called to the Ministry

3 Ingredients Necessary to See Men Enter the Ministry

The Importance of Pure Motives in Preaching

Scrutinizing Your Motives by the Bible

8 Vision-Sustaining Truths

God Will Provide for His Work

How to Grow the Church by Keeping it Small

Keeping the Small Church Feel

A Good Leader Always Takes the Blame

Accepting Responsibility

Encouraging Laymen to Attend Spiritual Leadership Conference

Spiritual Leadership Conference Will Help Your Entire Church

The Danger of Templates

Keeping Your Ministry Fresh

Tech or Touch

Email Is Not a Substitute for Face-to-face Communication

3 Lessons from a Profane Man

Don’t Despise What God Has Entrusted to You

Giving Protocol

4 Ideas to Help People Give

Rooted in Christ Email Devotions

An Updated Free Resource for You and Your Church Family

The Importance of Speaking Clearly

Using Your Voice Correctly

3 Steps to Significant Growth

Praying and Preparing for Church Growth

Chasing Buzzards

Keeping Your Priorities Right

A More Excellent Ministry

Building a Ministry That Pleases the Lord

Assimilation Protocol

8 Ideas to Help Guests Become Members

6 Principles for Loyalty in the Ministry

Lessons from Paul’s Ministry

The Importance of the First Impression

You Only Get One Chance to Make It

Fighting Phariseeism

Finding and Eradicating the Seeds in Our Own Lives