Pastoral Leadership

Churches and Legal Protection

The Necessity of Legal Counsel for Churches

5 Reasons Preachers Quit

Seeing and Avoiding Potential Pitfalls

Questions to Ask When Criticized

Understanding What to Do with Criticism

The Link Between Separation and Revival

Neither Will Survive Long Without the Other

Old Paths and a New Life

Using a Biblical Ministry Philosophy

What Are New Buildings For?

Church Growth Should Be deeper Than New Buildings

Should I Separate from Fellow Independent Baptists

Knowing Where to Draw Circles of Separation

When You’re Done, Sit Down

Good Advice for Preachers

Coming off the Bench

Training Those Who Are Coming behind You

We Are Independent But Not Isolated

7 Reasons We Are Compelled to Work Together

Here We Go

3 Aspects of the Great Commission

3 Preachers Who Should Quit

When Preachers Are a Disgrace to the Ministry

Made to Serve

Every Christian Needs a Place of Service

Striving Together

The Strength of Unity

The Necessity of Prayer

Service Must Not Be Substituted for Prayer

Conducting Revival Prayer Meetings

4 Pointers for Leading Unified Prayer

3 Principles to Establish Your Church Direction

The Pastor Must Lead

5 Principles for Achieving Goals

Followthrough Is Key

Strategic Vision Casting

4 Thoughts on Presenting Vision to Your Church

The Language of Defeat

Reject the Proposals of Compromise