Outreach & Discipleship

Living “I Love You”

6 Ways Jesus Demonstrated His Love in Matthew 20:29–34

Many Ministries, Many Miracles

How God Uses Ordinary Miracles to Produce Extraordinary Results

The Necessity of Discipleship

Salvation and Discipleship—Part 2

Hosting a Neighborhood Outreach

Helping Your People Reach Their Neighbors

After the Big Day

Understanding the Ebb and Flow of Church Attendance

The Model Soulwinner

3 Keys to Successful Soulwinning

Beginning a Military Ministry

Integrating Military Families into Your Church

Distinctions Between Salvation and Discipleship

Salvation and Discipleship—Part 1

5 Purposes for Mentoring and Discipleship

Discipleship Grows Young Christians

4 Ways to Invest in People

People Need You

Get Them Lost

Recognition of Sin Must Precede Salvation

'Tis the Season for Soulwinning

Seizing Opportunities for Soulwinning

Do You Really Believe That?

Do Your Actions Validate Your Words?

3 Needs of Every New Believer

Helping Baby Christians Take Their First Steps

Are You a Real Neighbor?

Going Where the People Are

7 Habits of Concerned Soulwinners

Are You Complacent or Concerned?

What You Cannot Do Alone

Soulwinning Is a Team Effort

The Anatomy of a Follow-Up Visit

Don't Let People Slip Through the Cracks

Getting the Prospect to Church

An Effective Follow-Up Plan

A Conversation to Be Remembered

The Go of the Gospel Is to Everyone

The Holy Work of Soulwinning

Soulwinning Must Be Done in the Power of the Holy Spirit