Outreach & Discipleship

Living “I Love You”

6 Ways Jesus Demonstrated His Love in Matthew 20:29–34

Retaining People through a Discipleship Program

How to Develop Committed Christians

Removing Doubts of Salvation

Giving Assurance or Revealing the Need for Salvation

How to Start a Discipleship Program

8 Steps to Starting a Discipleship Program

4 Key Ingredients of an Effective Discipleship Program

Necessary Ingredients to Make Your Discipleship Program Thrive

A Bad Check

Has Your Salvation Ever Been Endorsed?

Empty Seats

How Many People Are You Taking with You?

Jesus Stood Still

Lessons from a Flight Deck

Making Friends in Your Community

Five Pointers for Making Friends in Your Community

Establishing an Effective Soulwinning Program

Developing Your People as Soulwinners

Witnessing On College Campuses

Free Speech Rights

Soulwinning Promises

Promises to Take With You

Love Your Neighbor Week

A Great Ministry Idea

Following Through on Follow Up

Don't Let Visitors Slip Through the Cracks

Practical Steps to Being a Better Soulwinner

Six ways to be a Better Soulwinner

Breaking the Ice in Soulwinning

Five Tips for Breaking the Ice

Witnessing to a Loved One

How to Witness to Those Nearest You

The "Go" of a Soulwinner

Four Ways To Go Soulwinning

Be a Barnabas

Three Lessons from the Life of Barnabas

Stay Sharpened

Three Practices for Every Soulwinner

The Discipler

The Role of a Discipler