Pastoral Leadership

Made to Serve

Every Christian Needs a Place of Service

Striving Together

The Strength of Unity

The Necessity of Prayer

Service Must Not Be Substituted for Prayer

Conducting Revival Prayer Meetings

4 Pointers for Leading Unified Prayer

3 Principles to Establish Your Church Direction

The Pastor Must Lead

Is Revival Do-Able?

Revival Preaching Is Biblical

5 Principles for Achieving Goals

Followthrough Is Key

Strategic Vision Casting

4 Thoughts on Presenting Vision to Your Church

The Language of Defeat

Reject the Proposals of Compromise

No "Leftovers" with God

3 Steps to Become Usable Again

Distinctive Practices

Baptist Distinctives—Part 3

What Is Right Here?

5 Aspects of Right Ministry

A Distinctive Place

Baptist Distinctives—Part 2

Growing Yourself As You Nurture Others

Biblical Discipleship Requires the Discipler to Grow

The Bible Is Our Foundation

Baptist Distinctives—Part 1

God's Passion

A Review of the Book by Dr. Calvert

Creating a Yearly Preaching Calendar

52 Sermon Ideas for 2011

Fanning the Flame of Reinvigoration

On the Go Again—Part 2

The Pastor Is the Key to Reinvigoration

On the Go Again—Part 1

Church Planters: Characteristics to Appreciate

6 Key Qualities in a Church Planter