Spiritual Growth

Adorning Our Spirits

Spiritual Ornaments in the Life of a Christian Woman

Feeding the Spiritual Man

A Fruitful Life Is a Spiritual Life

Tips for the Journey

Traveling Light in the Christian Life

8 More Lessons from the Life of Moses and Aaron

Lessons from Giants—Part 3

3 Things to Do When You Are at a Divine Red Light

Red Lights Are Not Always Permanent

Make It Personal

Applying Biblical Truths to Our Own Lives

Don’t Waste Your Summer

5 Steps to Crafting a Spiritually Uplifting Summer

Radical Renewal

God Wants to Restore Your Fellowship, Revive Your Spirit, and Refresh Your Life

Living by Faith

The Christian Life Is Meant to Be Lived by Faith

Forgetting the Past and Pressing Forward

Don’t Let Your Past Keep You From Serving God

An Expected End

God’s Gracious Love toward Sinful Servants

More of His Perspective

More about Jesus—Part 4

5 Steps to Dealing with Opposition

Paul’s Instructions for Handling Opponents

Enrolling New Believers in Discipleship

Helping Young Christians Become Grounded in Their Faith

More of His Power

More about Jesus—Part 3

Making Time for God

3 Results of Meeting with God

More of His Passion

More about Jesus—Part 2

More of His Person

More about Jesus—Part 1

Grow in Grace

Never Stop Growing

4 Practical Truths about Trials

Trials Are Intended to Grow Us

Remember to Be Revived

Being Conscious of Our Need for Revival Is Key to Experiencing It