Pastor's Wives

Giving God an Attentive Heart

God Wants Our Undivided Attention

A Small Act Can Make a Big Difference

Decide to Encourage Someone Today

An Abiding Walk

Cultivating a Vibrant Relationship with Christ

Building a Dream Home God’s Way

Following God’s Blueprint for Your Home

Feeding Your Soul Spiritually in the New Year

Don’t Neglect to Spend Time in God’s Word

Creating Family Memories

The Joy of Memories Lasts a Lifetime

The Key to Contentment

Don’t Let Discontentment Rob Your Joy

Are You Striving to Please Others or God?

We Must Serve with the Right Motive

Lessons for Wives of Church Planters

Things I Have Learned from Church Planting

Increasing Our Influence

2 Ways to Strengthen Your Influence

A Comforted Life

Resting in God’s Love

Providing for His Own

Letting God Use You to Provide for His Children

Failing Forward

How to Turn Failure into a Learning Experience

A Protected Life

Thank God for His Hand of Protection

Are You Securely Fastened to the Rock?

Ground Your Life in the Word of God

Ladies Ministry Idea 4—Celebrate a New Day

Happy Birthday Ladies Event

A Radiant Life

Reflecting God’s Light to Those around Us

Turning Fear into Faith

Learning to Trust God

Optimal Performance

Serving the Lord to the Fullest Extent Possible

An Obedient Life

Letting God Use You How He Wants To

A Trusting Life

Developing Faith