An Integrated Discipleship Ministry

Helping Converts Assimilate into Your Church

Marks of Spiritual Maturity

How to Tell if Your Converts are Growing

Tech or Touch

Email Is Not a Substitute for Face-to-face Communication

Lunch? Today?

Using Hospitality To Reach Others

Church of Today

Encouraging Students To Serve

Our Influence Should Go Beyond Our Lives

Being Remembered As Servants of the Lord

4 Marks of a Great Teacher

Great Teachers Impact Their Students

Church Planters Mentoring Church Planters

Sessions from Church Planter's Luncheon 2011

5 Tips for Developing an Effective Summer Routine

Being Productive in the Summer

Coming off the Bench

Training Those Who Are Coming behind You

Who Was That?

Unknown Difference Makers

5 Purposes for Mentoring and Discipleship

Discipleship Grows Young Christians

4 Ways to Invest in People

People Need You

Training for a Mission Trip

Seven Steps to Planning an Unforgettable Mission Trip—Part 4

Responding to Injustice

What to Do When Life Is Not Fair

3 Needs of Every New Believer

Helping Baby Christians Take Their First Steps

What to Look for in a Mentor

Who Should You Allow to Mold Your Life?

Walking with Giants

An Interview with Dr. Bobby Roberson

What Disciples Do

7 Attributes of Disciples

A Precious Life

Guarding the Spiritual Success of Your Children