Blueprint for Adult Classes

The Ingredients for a Tremendous Class

3 Needs of Every New Believer

Helping Baby Christians Take Their First Steps

What Disciples Do

7 Attributes of Disciples

Tell the World

What We Can’t Leave out of Missions

The Anatomy of a Follow-Up Visit

Don't Let People Slip Through the Cracks

Dig Deep

Preaching that Changes Lives

Getting the Prospect to Church

An Effective Follow-Up Plan

Retaining People through a Discipleship Program

How to Develop Committed Christians

How to Start a Discipleship Program

8 Steps to Starting a Discipleship Program

4 Key Ingredients of an Effective Discipleship Program

Necessary Ingredients to Make Your Discipleship Program Thrive

A Daily Word

Following Through on Follow Up

Don't Let Visitors Slip Through the Cracks

Be a Barnabas

Three Lessons from the Life of Barnabas

The Care Group Leader

The Role of the Care Group Leader

The Discipler

The Role of a Discipler